Top 10 Best Halloween Onesies for Kids

Below is our list of some of the best Halloween onesies for kids this year. The list below is in no particular order. These are some of the most popular costumes and ones that are best sellers on Amazon.

  1. Giraffe Newcosplay Children Unisex Pajamas Kids Animal Costume Cosplay Sleeping Wear:

    Our Take: Bigger is always better. Make sure you size up a little in this. You want to make sure it is not too small. It is always OK to have something that is slightly bigger for Halloween. You don’t want to make the mistake of ordering something too small too late.


2.  Devin the Dog Funsie Kids Costume

Our Take: It runs big but is super comfortable and if you kid loves Devin the Dog, they will love this costume. Please note they only have a size small available right now, so you will have to check the sizing chart.


3. Japanese Monkey Kigurumi Costume

Our Take: Who doesn’t love a cheeky monkey. Perfect for monkeys who like jumping on the bed. Your child should be at least 5 feet tall to fit into this one. Very soft and warm!


4. Kid’s Halloween Cosplay Costume Kigurumi Pajamas Pikachu Pokemon Costume

Our Take: Who didn’t play Pokemon Go this year when it was released. It was the most talked about app for weeks. Kids love chasing Pokemon and it revived a very popular game and kids are still obsessed with it. Pikachu is our favorite character and probably the most popular, who wouldn’t want to be a Pokemon character for Halloween.


5. Baby Panda Baoji Kigurumi Unisex Cosplay Totoro Pajamas Costume

Our Take: Babies are so cute, Pandas are so cute. This is a perfect combiation of cuteness for your little one. Plus it is super warm and comfy to keep them happy if you decide to take them outside trick or treating.


6.  Baby Minion Costume

Our Take: Same flannel material and from the same designer as the Panda costume, this minion costume is perfect if your child has an older brother or sister who is also dressing up as a minion. Super comfy and super warm!


7. Leg Avenue Children’s Calico Cat Kigurumi Funsie Costume

Our Take: Super cute! Cats never go out of style and this costume can last for many years!


8. Fun Play Fancy Dress Lion Animal Onesies Animal Costume

Our Take: Lions Raaar! Little boys love lions and yelling, so why not have a look at this super comfortable lion onesie. The eyes are button, so you have to be careful with little ones so they don’t try and bite them off and swallow them, other than that, it is very soft and zips right up.


9. Casey the Cow or Billie The Bull Funsie Kids Halloween Costume

Our Take: No reviews currently on amazon, but don’t let that scare you, this is a brand new onesie that looks and feels amazing. It is warm and very easy to get one and off.


10. Ddwolf Kids Superman Pajamas Halloween Costume

Our Take: Not as warm as some of the other costumes that have hoods, but Superman does not have a hood. This is still a warm flannel that they can wear to bed and be comfortable, but may not be the warmest without wearing a hat if you go outside in the cold.